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Your Muse: all of them
Muse wanted: not that I don't welcome select dude ships and dude friendships and etc, but ladies I'm talking canonmates I'm talking cross-canon I'm talking femslash I'm talking romantic friendship I'm talking ace girlfriends I'm talking best friends I'm talking literally anyone give me ladies
Community[community profile] bakerstreet , [community profile] theatrum , etc
Fandom: again all of them
Canon or AU: whatever y'all want
Medium: assorted
Contact via: here, journals
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a song of ice and fire / game of thrones

film noir
  • Dany: cunning starlet from a family of stars, all dead but the legacy remains and/or bad girl mixed up with the "Wrong Crowd," the gangs that are actually more honest than the law
  • Cella: society princess likely mixed up in some dangerous criminal play she's unaware of
  • Shireen: tiny, sheltered heiress who solves all the crimes she reads about in the paper but rarely is permitted to leave the house
  • Missandei: something like a playwright or translator, likely mixed up with those same noble criminals
  • Ros: possibly a nightclub singer or hostess or some such, more likely a high-end pinup model/call girl who hears all the politicians' and powerful men's secrets
  • Lyanna: brazen and tough, a little rich girl lost with dreams of something more
  • Arianne: possibly a starlet with connections to the underworld or possibly just a heiress of the underworld, clever and conniving and oddly compassionate
  • Jeyne: a mouse of a girl who'd be a half-decent detective if given the chance

secondary school/uni (default for modern)
  • Dany: brilliant student who hangs out with the so-called "bad kids," heavily involved in social justice, a student of political sciences and languages who nonetheless looks comfortable on a motorcycle
  • Cella: former child beauty queen with more brains than she lets on, a little rich girl sort who's quietly learning how messed up her world really is
  • Shireen: oft-unhealthy baby scholar who will make sure everyone is literate and isn't afraid to question things
  • Missandei: from an unspoken bad situation, makes the friends she wants to make and is shamelessly intellectual, self-taught in nineteen languages and enamored of the written word
  • Ros: surprisingly clever if possessing of a bit of a "reputation," good at most things but superior at few but flirting
  • Lyanna: your quintessential femme athlete sort, a risk-taker if ever there was
  • Arianne: a vivacious rich girl with a nose for politics and business, not afraid to go after what she wants
  • Jeyne: the sort who'll go unnoticed if she has her own way, a student of strategy and history and swordsmanship

  • Dany: Gryffindor, 5-7 year, best subject: Care of Magical Creatures, prone to slight troublemaking and magical social justice, comes from a family of Death Eaters but they're all long gone and she's determined to be the opposite
  • Cella: Hufflepuff, 3-5 year, best subject: Transfiguration, mostly a good girl and diligent student, comes from a family with strong political influence who may or may not be evil but she's genuinely unaware of that
  • Shireen: Ravenclaw, 1-3 year, best subject: History of Magic, on her way to being a prefect and more comfortable with books than people, survived a magic disease in her childhood
  • Missandei: Ravenclaw, 5-6 year, best subject: Arithmancy, hangs around kids from all houses and helps with magical social justice, an orphan with little memory of her family
  • Ros: Hufflepuff, 7th year or graduate, best subject: Divination, a flirt who either spends a lot of time in Hogsmeade at the pub or works there
  • Lyanna: Gryffindor, 5-7 year, best subject: Transfiguration, feisty Quidditch player and baby sister in a known family
  • Arianne: Slytherin, 5-7 year, best subject: Potions,manipulative  very interested in magical social justice and bucking stereotypes, comes from a family of repute and runs with this
  • Jeyne: Gryffindor, 4-7 year, best subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts, mostly keeps to herself trying not to affect the family name but will go to battle for those she cares for
  • Dany: rebellious sort of vampire with a dogooder streak and a mysterious air or possibly a shifter or fairy with the same personal inclinations
  • Cella: honestly she's a sweet tiny fairy still learning the world
  • Shireen: probably a vampire turned very young with more wit about her than the ones who look four times her age
  • Missandei: the brains of the operation, whether a vampire, shifter, fairy, what have you
  • Lyanna: a werewolf princess who is kind of over it
  • Arianne: ruthless fairy princess, probably, ready to go to war for her own, either that or a witch ready to do the same
  • Jeyne: a quiet sort of werewolf who'll attack first and act later if the situation calls
  • Dany: rich girl from the east either making a name for herself as a businesswoman and owner of a gold claim or hiding from her past in a high-end brothel
  • Cella: transplanted sheltered rich city girl
  • Shireen: probably the sheriff's fragile little daughter encouraged to get more healthy from the fresh air or something, always poking her nose in where it doesn't belong and trying to offer assistance to the camp's teacher
  • Missandei: daughter of slaves, born free herself and on her own, making her way by her wit
  • Ros: once again, the whore with a heart of gold, possibly somewhat of a madam even
  • Arianne: heiress to a new money kind of fortune had by a seemingly unlikely family
  • Jeyne: the family shame, doing what she can to survive and more than a bit of a tomboy
generic superheroes
  • Dany: powers include nigh invulnerability (particularly re: fire) and some prescience; likely a dark hero
  • Cella: aurokinesis (manipulates gold); daughter of supers who aren't so super
  • Shireen: nigh omniscience and/or nigh invulnerability; daughter of dark heroes
  • Missandei: omnilinguism; a supporting team member with heroic intent
  • Ros: seduction intuition; a supporting team member, can go either way
  • Arianne: esoteric sun manipulation; a dark hero
  • Jeyne: frigiokinetic combat; heroic instinct that may well be manipulated
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